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3 Point Tractor Attachments

Agricultural work for thousands of years was based on working the land with the use of hand tools, activities such as plowing, sowing, harvesting and picking fruit required the use of human power or animals guided by man. In 1892, the first agricultural tractor was built using an internal combustion engine for its displacement.

The use of this machinery has marked a transcendental milestone in the way of working the land, increasing crop yields and productivity. Its impact has been so important that there is a high demand for this equipment, such as the 3 point tractor attachments, which has completely changed the way of working in the field and has led thousands of people to choose to work with this type of tools, since they facilitate the work to a greater extent.

To consider that there is only one three-point tractor that is the best in the world would be madness. Therefore, from Heavy Hitch we want to show you which are the best tractors that exist today in the world.

John Deere

It is sometimes illogical to think that any brand can outsell John Deere, a brand that is considered legendary in the tractor market. An example of its impressive acceptance in the industry was the Model B, manufactured for almost 20 years and with a total of 300,000 units sold worldwide.

On the other hand, John Deere has specialized in manufacturing Backhoes and accessories, which has expanded its catalog and taken part of other markets in heavy machinery.

3 Point Tractor Attachments

New Holland

New Holland's sales strength is the European market. In fact, it is said that if their sales were a little better in some areas of America, no one could beat them. Globally they also offer Adapters and mounting plates that are considered some of the best on the market for being able to fit any brand of three-point tractors.

It is not at all easy to climb in a market like the European one, where more than 50 brands of tractors from different parts of the world abound.


We show what is probably the best brand as far as the manufacture of small tractors is concerned. This is because they have specialized exclusively in the production of tractors of this type and have used patented technologies that have positioned them as a reference brand.

One of the most outstanding is the L'1361, which includes the possibility of working with hydrostatic transmission to carry out agricultural work with the PTO or with trailer towing. It is also one of the few models in the world to which a ballast box can be added.


When it comes to peace of mind and comfort when driving a tractor, we should definitely mention a Fendt. No matter how uneven or how rough the terrain, driving a Fendt will make it easy for you to move and pull.

The transmission used in the tractors corresponds to the technology known as "continuously variable", which allows significantly reducing the gear steps to maximize performance.

Deutz Fahr

A company founded in the mid-19th century, although it was not until 1938 that they manufactured the first tractor model, called F22. This model had a two-cylinder diesel engine and a maximum power of 22 hp, not negligible considering the limited technology available at the time.

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3 Point Tractor Attachments

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3 Point Tractor Attachments 3 Point Tractor Attachments