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Article provided by: Sugar Hill Auto Collision

Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill

Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill

Why We Are The Top Auto Painting Shop In Sugar Hill

Auto painting is the sort of job that some of you may believe that you have the ability to handle on your own, but with the help of a certain shop in Sugar Hill, you can receive the best possible work at the lowest possible pricing point.

We aim to provide you with auto painting that will have your vehicle looking like brand new and this is why we are the top shop that Sugar Hill has to offer. It does not matter if the vehicle that needs painting is a foreign or domestic make or model.

At Sugar Hill Auto Collision, the auto painting needs of the customer come first and this is what sets us apart from any shop that you may be considering in the Sugar Hill region. Our technicians assist you in a variety of ways once you bring your vehicle to us.

Computerized Paint Matching

Finding the perfect color match for your vehicle is a challenge that most of us are happy to take on. Wouldn't you like to have access to the best possible service, though? With our computerized paint matching services, all of the typical issues that are experienced during these scenarios are addressed with relative ease.

Once you work with our shop to find the best paint job for your needs, you are able to reap the full benefits of our assistance. We sit down with our customers to help them find out as much as possible about the options that are available to them.

Spraying Booth

There is no substitute for taking a closer look at how the paint will appear once it has been applied. With access to our multiple downdraft booth, this is a problem that you are no longer going to be forced to deal with. We do not wish to force you into a quick decision and that is why we offer all of the necessary access to our spraying booth.

Experienced Technicians

An auto painting job definitely falls under the "deceptively simple" category. This is what causes customers to believe that they have the ability to handle it all by themselves. Our experienced technicians are on hand and we are ready to assist you with all of the various ins and outs of these projects.

In addition to providing you with top notch craftsmanship, our technicians are never going to leave you holding the bag when it comes to the work that may need to take place after the job is over. The technicians are certified and given the proper training so that no obvious mistakes are made.

If there are any problems after the work is finished, our customers can simply utilize their lifelong warranty to receive the service they need. We will never allow you to head anywhere else if you are looking for additional help with your paint job. As long as you still own the vehicle that we have worked on, you can bring it back and ask our team to lend you an additional hand.


Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill
Sugar Hill Auto Collision
Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill
1090 N Old Cumming Rd
Sugar Hill GA 30518

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Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill Auto Painting Shop Sugar Hill