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Rv Parts Online

Although RV won't feel like home, one of the biggest benefits of RV is having all the home amenities with you. However, adding homey touches can help make your RV feel like a home or a hotel room. So, whether you're a weekend warrior or full-time RVer, here are some simple steps you can take to make your RV feel more like the place you always want to lay your head and rest at night.

  1. Hang Artwork and Photos

Decorate the walls of your RV with images that make you happy, whether it's family pictures, photography of the places you wish to visit, or inspiring quotes. However, you may be worried about putting holes in your RV's walls or think it's impossible to keep the decor on the walls with all the movement that happens when you travel. But, fear not. Command hooks, putty, decals, and velcro work wonders hanging artworks and photos.

  1. Add Some Houseplants

Plants add life into space, and they also provide a MYRIAD OF BENEFITS, so try to incorporate live plants into your space. When you add plants to a living space, they help you breathe easier and stay healthier because they purify the air naturally and increase the amount of oxygen in the room.

  1. Use Throw Rugs and Blankets

Adding fabrics is one of the simplest ways to warm up a space that is not naturally warm. You can incorporate fabrics into your RV by adding throw rugs to the floors. Throw rugs can help add more color to space even if your RV is carpeted. You can also add throw blankets to the backs of sofas, chairs, and the foot of the bed. During the winter, when everything gets chilly outside, throw blankets also come in handy.

  1. Reinstall Valances with Curtains

Valances make space feel much better. Curtains rods are fantastic in warming up space. You can use the same lightweight and adjustable curtain rods that are also used for a house. However, the biggest challenge is getting the curtains with the right length, but you can handle this by edging them without using a sewing machine.

  1. Make Space for Your Hobbies

There are things we admire in our regular homes, such as reading a book or crafts. You don't have to sacrifice knitting your next project or reading your favorite novel. You can make room for your hobbies with exciting and fun activities. For example, putting out a folding chair and setting up an awning outside your RV will help you enjoy your stay a lot more.


The RV is going to be your best friend while you're on the road, so you must take care of it and make sure it feels like home. Hopefully, this quick guide has inspired you to spruce up your RV to be your second home on the road. If you're in the market for RV parts, stop by RV PARTS CENTER and check our online RV PARTS store for quality products.

Rv Parts Online
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Rv Parts Online
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Rv Parts Online Rv Parts Online